A simple dice simulator using java.util.Random.


Requires J2ME for Palm (JavaHQ 1.0 available at java.sun.com).

Available options: d10, d6, 'd3' (janken-pon) and 'd2' (flip coin).

I've tested it on color devices only, I don't guarantee it works otherwise. Hi-Res recommended!

It runs fine on my T|C:


Everything provided here is under the GNU/GPL license.

To generate the PRC using midp4palm1.0:

java -cp "/full_path_to/Converter.jar" com.sun.midp.palm.database.MakeMIDPApp 
-jad jSimpleDice.jad -icon dice.bmp -smallicon ydice.bmp 
-longname "jSimpleDice" -creator kJSD
-outfile jSD.prc jSimpleDice.jar

The icon bmps must be 1 bit (black and white).

Can you find the easter egg?